• birhan teleale posted an update 2 months ago

      The content platform Sky is apparently facing major changes in the sports sector. This emerges from internal information to specialist dealers that was leaked in various portals and forums, for example at satindex.de.
    New stations, new names
    Accordingly, on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, the Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 channel (SD and HD) will be renamed “Sky Sport Bundesliga”. Sky Sport 1 (SD and HD) is to become “Sky Sport Top Event”. Sky Sport 2 (SD and HD) will become the new “Sky Sport Tennis” channel, which will then deal with the “white sport” around the clock.
    • In addition, the start of three new channels is planned: “Sky Sport Mix HD” will be a mixed channel with various sporting events, the start date of the already known “Sky Sport Premier League HD” is also planned for July 12, according to the leak. The new channel covers top football from Great Britain 24/7. The likewise new “Sky Sport Golf HD” should reach golf fans in the future.
        • Eurosport channels are said to be shut down
          The info also indicates that channels Eurosport 1 and 2 will be switched off on Sunday 31 July. Already on Tuesday, July 12, Eurosport 360 is to be deactivated.
          There should also be innovations outside of the sports sector. The new “Sky Showcase HD” channel is scheduled to start on Tuesday, August 2nd. The Sky Cinema Fun and Sky Cinema Classics channels are also switching from SD to high-resolution HD distribution.
            • Sky has not yet officially confirmed the changes, but various indications have been pointing to the restructuring for a long time. In April, Sky submitted license applications for the new channels to the Bavarian State Center for New Media (BLM). The magazine “Digital Fernsehen” also reported some time ago about upcoming changes at Sky Sport.

              Sky is already making a splash this week with the launch of the new streaming platform WOW.

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